Written by: Lim Yang Kwang

Birth of Plastic Surgery Department and the early formative years (1970 - 1978)
Expansion of Plastic Surgical Services (1979 - 2003)
Development of Plastic Surgical Services in Malaysia


The idea of formally documenting the history of the development of plastic surgery in Malaysia was mooted by Dr. Lim Lay Hooi at the 1999 AGM (Annual General Meeting) of the Malaysian Association of Plastic Surgeons (as the society was then named). The importance and value of such an endeavour was unanimously acknowledged and endorsed at the same AGM and I was subsequently entrusted with the task of researching the origins of plastic surgery in this country and henceforth chronicling the events that had occurred since then.



I am aware that a little MAPS booklet bearing the registration certificate of the association, the original constitution and a membership directory is already in existence. However, this was printed in 1993 and this handbook attempts to take it several steps further. Apart from an updated membership directory, it contains the current constitution, a chronicle of the association’s activities and office bearers since its formation and a record of the first 30-odd years of the development of plastic surgical services in Malaysia from 1970 onwards.


Documenting history is never an easy task, despite a resource of original materials, society reports, correspondence articles within the voluminous Association files which was willingly unloaded on to me by Dato’ Dr. Subramaniam. In ploughing through all this, every effort has been made to deliver a final version that is balanced, objective and yet concise. I have also drawn details from numerous conversations with the senior members of our association and to them I express appreciation, namely Dr. V. Surendranathan, Dato’ Dr. Subramaniam, Dato’ Dr. Gunasegran, Dr. Isa Haji Omar, Dr. Stee Wong K. S. and R. R. Angamuthu. I am grateful to Dr. S Kandiah for granting me an interview and for donating some of the archive materials. Last but not least, I thank Dr. Lim Lay Hooi for her editorial skills and her numerous helpful suggestions from the beginning to the end of this project.


Lim Yang Kwang

December 2003

We keep warm by the fires we did not light.
We drink from wells we did not dig.

J. E. Murray