Malaysian Association of Plastic,
Aesthetic and Craniomaxillofacial Surgeons


The highly stylized motif of the hibiscus, bearing the distinctive national symbol was chosen to represent the Malaysian Association of Plastic Surgeons. The acronym for the association has been incorporated, albeit rather cryptically in the design. The idea for the emblem was conceived by Dr Lal Kumar in 1996 during the preparatory phase for the IX Asean Congress of Plastic Surgery held in Penang in 1998 and has since been adopted as the official emblem.

Overall, the emblem exhibits a subtle symmetry in its design, a certain beauty in its simplicity and a well defined balance in its proportions, all of which are attributes which the plastic surgeon strives for in the care of his/her patient.

While the association was initially registered as MAPS (Malaysian Association of Plastic Surgeons) in 1985, it was subsequently changed to MAPACS (Malaysian Association of Plastic, Aesthetic And Craniomaxillofacial Surgeons). This was agreed upon by the members in 1999 as the new name was deemed to be more encompassing, reflecting the differing backgrounds and varied interest of our small membership. It also obviates the need for separate bodies in a country with a limited number of plastic surgeons, or their subsequent amalgamation in the future.